AnsaHub consisted of a range of marketing and engagement platforms developed by Sherwood Digital and myself. The aim of the products were to enhance customer experience and provide interactive information at the point of need, whilst at the same time working to gather information on the users who have interacted with the products.


Below are some of the products or platforms that were developed.


  MENU +


Ansapage enables your information to be presented in a touch friendly intuitive format. Users love it. It is a single point that links all of your digital assets together and opens a direct line of contact with your users.


An AnsaPage can be saved directly to a users device for easy access, a leave-behind that can never be left behind. Here are a range of examples that can show you how versatile AnsaPages can be.


You can include, Loyalty Promotions, Technical Manuals, Downloads, Video, Audio, Graphics, Translations, PDF's, Slide Shows, ECommerce as well as your Social Media profiles.

AnsaCard - The world's most advanced business card

An ANSA CARD is an NFC enabled business card, unlike traditional business cards you only ever need one. Using NFC technology it is now possible to transmit data from the ANSA CARD directly to a phone just by touching it.


If the viewer opts to use one of the other download methods (interactive texts or emails) their contact information is captured, this is particularly useful for networking events.


Live Updates

Never  update your business card again, by linking to a live ANSA PAGE it is possible to update it with amended contact details, address or position without the need for new business cards.


Environmentally Friendly

Because only one card per user is needed, you can dramatically cut down the paper usage needed to order thousands of business cards at a time.




You can't take a poster away with you. Can you? With ANSA POINT the answer is yes, create fully interactive and immersive posters with multiple touch points. Give people the information they really need in a digital format. Perfect for exhibitions, Information Centres, Cinemas, Theatres, Passenger Terminals or anywhere where disparate information needs to be presented in a format that can be accessed by any smartphone.


Packaging no longer needs to be one dimensional. Now we can put a whole new meaning on user engagement. A fantastic opportunity to provide customers enhanced information and the ability to have dialogue long after they have left the premises. Ansatag services can be triggered by something as simple as a graphic or a line of text on the packaging.


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